Dynaimc Duo

Have you ever wondered why a designer wedding dress looks so stylish and visually stunning?

The answer is in the cut of the gown.

Fashion designers have an eye for creating the perfect ball skirt a dramatic train or a figure flattering corset. That's why you pay so much money for that exclusive look. Now it's possible for your gown to look like its worth thousands of dollars at a fraction of the cost.

At last, genuine designer made wedding dress patterns are available for you to buy. We have fifteen years experience designing and making patterns. Our clothes have featured in the glossy magazines over the last decade, plus we have won four Fashion Industry of Australia awards, for evening wear whilst designing for the label Tour.

On the following pages you will see our pattern collection, all the gowns shown have been made straight from a stock size. They have not been altered or pinned or enhanced in any way to suit the model. Only the hems have been cut. You will receive the full dress pattern ( as seen in the photo ) with sewing instructions and helpful hints. Plus further details if you wish to decorate your gown as we have.

How hard are the patterns to sew?

If you are a confident home sewer you won't have any trouble. Just be neat and accurate and test your stitching on scraps of your wedding fabric prior to starting on the actual dress. Or you can take the pattern to a professional dressmaker.
So sit back, relax, get yourself a tea or coffee and enjoy browsing through our exclusive wedding pattern collection.

Best wishes,
Suska & Andrew Dunshea